Monday, July 27, 2009



How do you like them ears? I feel another woodblock coming on!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Norwegian Fjord Horses

Norwegian Fjord Horses
15" X 7" pen and ink

Left Detail

Right Detail

I finally got to my Norwegian Fjord Horses. These hardy fellows are from Darthia Farm. There are only two of them at the farm but I cloned them. Artists can do that. I meant to make the drawing just long enough to fit on my scanner (14"). As you can see, I'm an inch off. Artists can do that, too, unfortunately. Thus, the horse on the far left has been cropped in the picture at the top. Check him out in the Left Detail. These beauties will go in my show at the Deer Island Artists Association later this summer.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm back!


Sorry for the long silence, folks. I've spent the last month writing instead of drawing or carving. I'm working on a children's book loosely based on my dog, Kinsey's, life. Many of you might know that I rescued Kinsey from the Bird Bazaar in Istanbul. The book tells the story of how she got to the Teleskop Pet Shop in the Bird Bazaar. "Call Me Katya" is the working title, although nobody calls her Katya in the book. It's a chapter book--six chapters so far--and it's full of drama, pathos, adventure, and discovery. Here's the first sketch I've done of the main character. I hope to get a publisher interested in it and then illustrate the book as well.

Meanwhile, I haven't had a PenPets commission for two months. I hope that's a sign that everyone's on vacation and not a dire symptom of our dismal economy.

Our poor little farmers' market in Brooksville was pretty well rained out for the whole month of June. It must have poured for at least 40 days and nights. Didn't make anyone want to come out and buy greeting cards. However, the sun is shining these days -- Hallelujah! -- and the summer folks are pouring into town -- Double Hallelujah! I'm hoping to see a big crowd at the market tomorrow morning.

I am going to get back to my poor Norwegian Fjord ponies who have been languishing -- pale and only penciled in -- on my drawing board for weeks.