Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jackie Wilson Woodcuts

12" X 9" woodcut
Jacqueline Wilson

Tom and I went to a Jackie Wilson exhibit of woodcut prints at the Deer Isle Artists Association. It was an astonishing flock of woodcut birds -- owls, crows, cormorants, kingfishers -- carveddcut prints this afternoon on big pine boards -- fully fledged, wide-eyed, sharp-beaked, and ready to fly away from the paper, just like Hokusai's birds. Each print was hand-rubbed with a wooden spoon and printed in warm shades of burnt umber. It was inspirational to see Jackie's work and exciting to meet her. I've learned a lot already this afternoon and I hope to visit Jackie's studio soon. Imagine having such a wonderful woodblock artist living just down the road from me! You can see more of Jackie's feathery woodcuts at the Isalos Gallery.

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Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi leslie
what a gorgeous print! how fun that she lives so close. her work is so inspiring! a wooden spoon!
have a wonderful day!