Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Heee Haw & Oink!

4" X 4" woodcut

4" X 4" woodcut

Everyone seems to warm to donkeys and pigs, so here are two more for my barn yard collection. The donkey is Abijah, and he was mine, all mine, for one wonderful year before we moved to Maine. Alas! We have no pasture land on this our rocky bit of shelf, so I had to leave Abijah behind. Broke my heart!

This poor porker lost more than he bargained for on my chopping block. Wood carving is an unforgiving medium. Once a smile line or a chinny-chin-chin or a background detail is removed, it's gone for good! I touched up Porky with one of my pens. Probably highly unethical in the world of woodblock printers. I'll have to find out about that.

I keep working small because I have a whole bag full of little Shina plywood blocks that I got from McClain's and it cuts so nicely. Pretty soon I'm going to order some GREAT BIG BLOCKS and expand my vision!


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Good morning Lesie!
OMG! I love your pig and donkey! Are you selling your prints on etsy yet? they are wonderful! what type of paper do you like to use?
Be careful of that black bear! we have to deal with that too in colorado and it can be beautiful but dangerous.
I am glad we re friends on facebook! how fun!

Leslie Moore said...

Thanks, Melissa! I haven't opened an Etsy shop yet. That's next on my list. And I need to get some decent paper. Any recommendations? I'm working on a black bear woodblock right now. Amazing how adrenaline sparks creativity!

lucychili said...

lovely design =)