Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Coyote Art

Coyote Collage 
mixed media

Coyote Eyes
8" X 10" colored pen-and-ink

8" X 10" colored pen-and-ink


They hug the margins of fields,
slip into creases between trees,
glide across gravel roads at dawn or dusk,
bellies close to the ground, tails
trailing. We hardly know they are here, think
all of this is ours – the property, the shorefront,
the view – until moonless nights
when a choir of coyotes sings to the stars
and one paces the length of our driveway
leaving tracks in the snow and scat
where the dog and I are sure to find it.

Leslie Moore

I've been doing coyote art work and poetry for the last couple of years, encouraged by Geri Vistein, a Maine conservation biologist (www.coyotelivesinmaine.com) who is on a one-woman crusade to save coyotes from human predation. She gives fascinating talks all over the state and she has arrangeda series of coyote art exhibits, which have included my coyote art work. Currently "Coyote Connections" is hanging in the University of New England Art Gallery (www.une.edu/artgallery/exhibitions).

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