Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Lovely Aussie

8" X 10" pen & ink

Sadie, a tri-colored Australian Sheep Dog, lived 14 years with Sarah and George in Portland, Oregon. She was their only dog and their constant companion. The three of them hiked trails all over the Northwest, from the forests of Mount Hood to the beaches of Oregon and Washington. Sadie’s last trip to the coast was captured in this shot of her on Manzanita Beach in Oregon. There was a sizable celebration for Sadie’s 14th birthday that included champagne for her human family and friends, and doggie treat bags for her four legged pals. Sadie had a large following of devoted fans who felt she possessed a special personality that endeared them to her in a steadfast way. George and Sarah's grief has been deep. They hiked to Sadie’s favorite spots to scatter her ashes.

Thanks Alyson for this moving tribute to Sadie. Some of these stories just break my heart!

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