Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Knee Surgery #2

Kinsey's feeling a bit sad. Yesterday she ruptured her left cruciate ligament running on wet grass. Two years ago she ruptured her right cruciate ligament chasing squirrels off the deck. The vet confirmed our suspicions this afternoon and Kinsey is scheduled for surgery first thing Monday morning. It won't be fun for any of us. Meanwhile she's confined to bed rest and, in true queenly fashion, is making the most of it.
"A sip of water?"
"Yes, please. Just a sip."
"A bit of chicken?"
"How about two bits!"
"A green bean from the garden?"
"I could eat one or two."
"A bowl of kibble?"
"Not while I'm convalescing, thank you very much."

1 comment:

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh leslie and kinsey,
i am so sorry to hear that.
she is so little and cute!
i know she will be up and running around again in no time. animals are wonderful that way.
i am thinking of you both.
m & e