Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bard College, An Airy House, and a Happy Hog

Last month Tom and I went to Bard College for the weekend to see our niece Emmy's senior art show. Emmy's sculpture was an elegant and ethereal rendering of her San Francisco house--almost life-sized--fashioned out of black and white embroidery yarn, fishing weights, and magnets. It was by far the most compelling sculpture in a whole warehouse full of senior art projects. Are we prejudiced? You bet! Here's a shot of the artist (the blonde) and her sister, Mika (the brunette), inside Emmy's "house." It's not nearly as remarkable in the photograph as it was in real life.

Harley Davidson, this happy hog, lived in the backyard of our rental house in New York State. He's smiling because he's dodged the frying pan and plans to live a long and happy and healthy life in the beautiful Hudson Valley. Who wouldn't be happy standing knee-deep in mud!

I've added Harley to my series of "Faces from the Farm." On Sunday afternoon, Tom pounded 11 holes into our livingroom wall and hung the whole exhibit. I'll post a photo soon.

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