Friday, April 25, 2008

More Head Shots

Two years ago Shannen commissioned a portrait of all four of her "girls" together. You may view that drawing on the Home Page slide show of my PenPets website. This year Shannen commissioned individual head shots of each "girl." Don't they make a stunning grouping! Leitzl, the Boxer, is so sweet and sincere, so tough and so vulnerable. Claire, the German Short-haired Pointer, is so elegant with her long, swan's neck. Can't you just smell the scent she's caught? And what about Reese's impeccable posture! She and Blue are both Belgian Malinois Shepherds. So alert! So attentive! I can't wait to receive the photo of all four portraits hanging in Shannen's new house in Seattle, Washington.
I had the pleasure of working with a whole CD full of Kelly Saunders' Bagaduce Photographs on this project. Kelly is one talented photographer and she lives in my town, Brooksville!

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