Saturday, April 26, 2008


I drew these cranes for a Brooksville Free Public Library brochure. They are based on the magical, bigger-than-life, felted crane that soars over the children's section of our library. Fiber artist and neighbor, Mia Kanazawa created the crane and it is a magnificent sight to behold! Mia felts wonderfully whimsical animal sculptures and puppets--elephants, kangaroos, giraffes, camels, clownfish--a real Noah's ark collection!

When Tom and I taught at the Koc School in Turkey, flocks of cranes used to fly over the school on their way to Europe for the summer or Africa for the winter. The joke was that all the female teachers got pregnant when the cranes flew over!

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Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi leslie!
i love your art! i am a friend of linda's and i am so glad i found your blog!
have a wonderful day!
:) melissa