Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Two Kids

I've gone back to linoleum block print-making and am working with a group in Waldoboro, Maine, lead by Holly Berry. We meet on Mondays a couple times a month. It's great to be working together with other artists. I learn so much from all of them. And I have a lot to learn!

This is my first renewed attempt at a reduction print. I carved the whole thing on one linoleum block and printed each color, one after the other -- first white, then pink, then green, then brown, finally black. As you can see by the pink halo around the kid's head, my registration was off. It got worse as I went along. Alas! There are no do-overs in reduction prints. It's a one-shot deal. But I was able to salvage the last block -- the black one, referred to as a key block. So I carved three more blocks -- one for the pink nose, one for the green background, and one for the brown spots -- and printed them in that order. This is what I ended up with, sans bubbles. 

multi-block linoleum print

I'm eager to start another print -- maybe even a reduction print! -- and do a better job.