Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First PenPets of 2012

Lulu and Truman
Belgian Tervurens
10" X 8" colored pen and ink

Lulu and Truman are Belgian Shepherds, one of four breeds -- Groenendael, Laekenois, Malinois, and Tervuren. Each breed is distinguished by its coat color, texture and length. The Groenendael has a long, straight, black coat; the Laekenois has a short, wiry, fawn coat; the Malinois has a short straight coat that varies in color from dark fawn to mahogany; and the Tervuren has a long, straight coat that ranges from dark fawn to reddish mahogany with black tips. 

Here's the photograph of Lulu and Truman I used as a reference for my drawing:

Both dogs are champions! Lulu won Best in Show at the Belgian Tervuren National Specialty in 2011. Here she is posing for her prizes. Darlene (Lulu's person, the one in the middle) describes Lulu as "a diva with a super secret fun side."

And Truman has won prizes doing what he was bred to do. Here he is herding a flock of ducks. I love the way he's tip-toeing behind them. The ducks don't look at all perturbed. Darlene describes Truman as "a gentleman with a sense of humor."

I've never known a Tervuren personally, but I've always thought they were handsome dogs, a cross between Lassie (one of my childhood heroines) and a wolf.

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