Friday, November 19, 2010

Poodle Power

Holly & Dan
Standard Poodles
10" X 8" pen & ink

Holly, a red standard poodle, gave me a perfect opportunity to try out more colored inks. Dan is actually tinted apricot, but I didn't have such a subtle hue. Both dogs had just returned from the groomers, thus the colorful scarves. 

Here's what Holly and Dan's people have to say about them: 
Dan and Holly are half brother and sister (different fathers) and you can really tell! Dan is big = 75 lb and confident and funny. Holly is a clinging barnacle and more timid. Both are avid hunters (the squirrels in the yard, which is 3 acres, come in 2 varieties - the quick and the dead). Holly is keenly aware of birds too - she would have been an excellent bird dog - very sight oriented. Dan smells everything and walks take forever with him if he goes on a leash.

They play well together and are absolute love-bugs. They love other people as well. They will crawl into bed very stealthily during the night and it is not unusual to wake up wondering why you can't move your legs or get the covers adjusted - only to find them nuzzling you.
Here's the photograph I used as a reference for the drawing.

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