Friday, January 29, 2010

Another PenPets First—Ferrets!

Bonnie and Clyde
10" X 8" pen and ink

Meet Bonnie and Clyde—a couple of free-wheeling ferrets designed just for getting into trouble! This dynamic duo lives in quite the commodious ferret accommodations—hammocks, tunnels, tubes, the works!—in Indianapolis. However, they frequently get the run of the house as well. Watch out! On the loose, Bonnie and Clyde break laws with as much impunity as—well—a couple of bank-robbers! Bonnie is the ringleader. She ferrets out the fun, while Clyde, who’s more mellow, watches her back. Not to be outdone by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, this Bonnie and Clyde have starred in their own YouTube flicks. Two of them! Click here and here to see them fight their ways out some incredibly tight spots. And, don't worry! These ferret flicks are cliff hangers, but nobody dies in the end.

Business is booming, so stay tuned for portraits of Marley and Kingsley, Missy and Meghan, and Cuzco. I'll leave you in suspense about the species.


Anonymous said...


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi leslie!
oh you totally captured them!
they are ready to play!

ocmist said...

How totally cute! I've always wanted one but there are illegal here in this area of CA. (I have seen them though and played with them.) Linda