Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Cousin David!

5" X 7" pen and ink

Holly, my cousin David’s wife, commissioned this portrait of Sadie, their yellow Labrador, for his birthday today. Sadly, Sadie left David, Holly, and their daughter Ashleigh last Halloween. I had a chance to meet Sadie at a mini-reunion of Smith family cousins in Virginia Beach in October. Although Sadie had cancer and was surely not feeling her best, nobody would have known she was suffering. She was a gracious and open-hearted hostess, sharing her toys and her good cheer with all who visited her house that day. I know she is well missed.

In this morning’s Bangor Daily News, Anthony Anderson writes about why pet portraits make such welcome presents in “Consider Maine art as meaningful Christmas gift”:

Last Christmas my wife gave me a painting she had commissioned of my dog Angus. Angus was a big, handsome Airedale terrier that loved to ride in Saab convertibles. I lost him two years ago and miss him terribly. The painting of him standing on the back deck of the Saab allows him to always be with me, and I see him every day. I was overjoyed by the gift and will treasure it always. It is also a testament to how thoughtful my wife is.

I hope David is overjoyed with Sadie’s portrait and that seeing her every day will be a treasure for him, too.


Cousin Dave said...


Thank you again. I certainly can attest that a portrait such as Sadie's is a most fitting way to memorialize a beloved pet and family member. We have picked out a special place in the house for display.

I find myself reminiscing today as I look upon her picture. She is missed.

You and Tom take care. Will email soon.

Cousin Dave

ocmist said...

That is a wonderful gift to give, and Sadie looks like she was such a sweetie! I know my sister loved getting a portrait of her much missed Chihuahua last year when I did one in pastels for her.