Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feline Yogini

7" X 5" pen and ink

When I mentioned that I was one cat short of a calendar for next year, my niece Damaris leapt into the breach and commissioned this portrait of her beloved Sascha, who is now the astounding Ms. December in "Cats 2010." I'll let Damaris, who is as dexterous with words as Sascha is with her hind leg and her tongue, describe the pose:

"The portrait captures her in all her individuality, with the delicately swivelled ears, the oriental extravagance of her whiskers and eye-fronds, the knotted virility of her hind leg, and the lunatic roll of her narrowed eye. We spent quite a while on the sofa last night gazing at the portrait and giggling foolishly, like the doting cat-owners we are. It's such a a quintessentially feline pose, too."

Thank you, Damaris, for adding the last cat to my calendar! It's at the printers now, along with "Dog Days 2010."

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