Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kinsey & Kids

Bear Hunter Extraordinaire!

Kinsey sounded off a boisterous alarm at about 5:00 yesterday morning and insisted that SOMETHING was outside our bedroom window MESSING with our bird feeders. Sure enough, we found the sunflower seed feeder and the thistle sock on the ground, the squirrel-proof wire that supports them broken. The sunflower seed feeder was empty. The thistle sock was untouched. The suet feeder was nowhere to be found. Kinsey was right! A BEAR has been MESSING with our bird feeders!

Needless to say, I did not let Kinsey out to become a tasty dessert for our early morning visitor, even though she insisted—all 12 tiny pounds of her aquiver with righteous indignation—that SHE IS IN CHARGE OF HOMELAND SECURITY. Later that morning, when the sun came up and we all ventured outside into bear territory, I suggested to Kinsey that she could go find the suet feeder. Lo and behold, she did! There it was, under a hemlock tree, still full of its fat cake of suet. Obviously, Kinsey’s ferocious bark attack had terrorized the bear so much that he didn't have the time or the temerity to devour his high-fat treat. Atta girl, Kinsey! She got an extra treat that morning and is still basking in the glory of her heroic acts today. All in the line of duty, thank you!

Later yesterday morning I spent a happy hour photographing kids at a neighbor’s farm. That’s baby goats, not children. Becky had nine kids this spring and they are a bunch of cuties. Here are a few shots. I feel a woodblock print coming on!


Joslyne said...

GO KINSEY!!!!!! You are the fiercest dog in all the land and ALL bears everywhere now fear your very name! :)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi leslie!
what a great post! i love your kinsey story and all of the photos!
such wonderful faces!

ocmist said...

What cute goats! I love goats! (OC's Mom)

UGH! NASTY GOATS! It was one of those that injured my back and hips! I HATE goats!! OC

Wow, Kinsey! We small dogs can have some BIG barks! Good going for taking care of your "Home" land!

ocmist said...

Hey Kinsey, I talked it over with Dott and we have decided to award you with Dott's Mighty Hunter award for facing down that nasty bear! I will post it very shortly. OC