Wednesday, October 8, 2008

PenPets Goes Political!

I’ve been pretty quiet about my political beliefs for most of my adult life, but the current economy and Sarah Palin have pushed me over the edge. Here’s my PenPets Political Pronouncement. Please excuse the histrionics, but we’ve gotta be strong to combat the barracuda!

I ordered ten of these t-shirts last week and they arrived yesterday. They’ve all been snatched up and I’m poised to place another order tonight. They should come in 7 days (by 10/17 I hope). Would you like to order one or more for yourself and your like-minded friends and family members?

Here are the details: The t shirts are white, 100% cotton, and preshrunk. They come in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The shapely sow is a black pen-and-ink drawing; the text is in lipstick red! I’m selling them for $15 apiece. The cost of Priority Mail will be $5 for 1-2 shirts and $10 for 3 or more.

Time is of the essence! Election Day is 4 weeks from yesterday (November 4th). If I order the shirts now, you should get yours by the 3rd week in October. That gives you one week to wear it to bits!

Please email me ( ASAP if you’d like a t shirt and what size you’d like. I will bill you later.

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Annie B said...

Sometimes a gal just has to speak out! Great t-shirt.